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    Contributions help ensure a financial hardship will not get
    in the way of a participant and their family reaching their recovery goals.
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Dual Disorders

Help support the recovery of men with
co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders by funding the continued care they need.

Your Gift Matters

By donating, you provide hope and healing to families who would otherwise be unable to support their loved one's continued care at WestBridge.

Financial Support

The WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund provides extended care for families receiving services to help them through the journey of recovery.

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Recovery hope and healing

Welcome to the WestBridge
Recovery Opportunity Fund

We welcome you as a member of our healing community. Philanthropy has played a vital role in WestBridge since its beginning. In 2001, a family experiencing life with dual disorders graciously provided the necessary funding to found our private non-profit organization. Since then, our fundraising efforts have focused on helping those with limited resources continue to access uninterrupted quality care.

Over the years, the WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund has allocated over $4 million for ongoing treatment. This fund supports families of WestBridge participants by allowing their loved one to receive the continued care they need while working towards their recovery goals.

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Ongoing Initiatives

The WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund's mission is to provide funding for the recovery of adult men and their families living with co-occurring substance use disorders and psychotic and/or affective illness over the course of a lifetime. WestBridge’s program is recognized nationally and remains uniquely effective in helping families address co-occurring disorders. Their holistic, evidence-based treatment model has proven to be successful in providing participants the ability to live independently, maintain sobriety and manage their mental health with pride in their achievement. Below are a few of our current and past fundraising initiaitives.

Why Support Us

Support Recovery

100% of your generous donations fund continued care of men and their families in WestBridge's dual diagnosis treatment programs.

Provide Hope & Healing

 Your contributions help ensure finances will not get in the way of a current participant and their family being able to reach their recovery goals.

Fundraising Efforts

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, all contibutions are tax deductible. We collect donations at WestBridge events throughout the year as well as online, by phone, and by mail.

Give Back

The WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund allows familes who have received assistance to give back, either when they are in a better financial situation, or by raising funds for the charity.


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2019 Run 4 Recovery
  • 8:00 am - 11:00am
  • Brooksville, FL.

Our Sponsors and Volunteers

Each year, we honor three sponsors/volunteers to share our appreciation of their support and dedication to our organization. Please join us in honoring these individuals. Please contact us at info@recoveryopportunityfund.org if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or volunteer.

Prime-Scape Services brought a full team to our 2017 Run 4 Recovery. Go Team Prime-Scape! Thank you so much for your support!

Prime-Scape Services

Real Recovery Community & Environment, a transitional living environment for men commited to sober living, sponsored the Run 4 Recovery in 2017. Thank you!

Real Recovery

Dunleavy provides the WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund with ongoing event planning and has supported our efforts the past several years. Thank you Dunleavy!


Words from Donors and Recipients